Crafting books to preserve your stories

You can get a book written as a gesture of affection towards a loved one, narrating their lives and how they have touched yours. Blending our creativity with your emotions, be it your wedding story, grandparents’ biography, anecdotes with family and friend or just a gesture to express your feelings, we ensure our books do the job just right.



The perfect gift for a loved one encapsulating all the moments shared with them. Take them on this nostalgic trip on their birthday, anniversary or their wedding day.
Through a biography, you can preserve your memories for your grandchildren, bringing families together. A book on your journey with a sibling, your parents or a special someone is the best way to convey your feelings towards your loved ones.
Commercial Biography
A coffee table book of the company’s history recording your corporate mantra is covered under commercial biographies. It helps family businesses in rebuilding market reputation, presenting incredible stories of the challenges faced by you that have made the firm what it is today.


Step One


Our experienced team of interviewers will help you to thread your memories together in order to form a narrative that defines your life without leaving any details out.

Step Two


After this, the recordings are sent to the writer and the editor. Based on the recordings, the writer pens down the story of your life.

Step Three


Velvet, brocade, leather, a personalized photo on the cover page. A beautiful case embossed with the company’s name protects your precious book.

Step Four


Once the digital version of the book has been put together in its totality and has been approved by the client, it is sent on for a speedy printing.


Sonam Dewan

Just awesome. In today's world, where everything is so materialistic,and we have no time for even our loved ones. With Kagaz ke Phool, I was able to put 21 years together to present a gift straight from my heart.

Intika Nangia

Amazing! When I gifted her the book, I got the best reaction. With every page she turned, a tear rolled down her cheek and I guess that was the first day I was happy to see her cry.

Poonam and Pradeep Tyagi

Great eBook. This book made our 25th anniversary just perfect. Reading all those stories again made us realize how we have evolved over the years yet we are still the same.

Akriti Garg

Worth every cent. A girl often dreams that her partner would floor her with something special on her birthday and you helped my husband to do exactly the same. I could never believe that our story could be re-told in such a fun and creative way.



Life story

50 pages

5000 words

2 hours of interview

20 pictures

Soft Cover

Leather casing

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15000 words

Up to 9 hours of interview

60 pictures

Hard cover with Book Jacket

Rosewood box with gold engravings

Tijori section

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